Park and Location

River Passion

Park and Location

River Passion is located directly on the bank of the Po, with a constant view of the waters of the longest and most important river in Italy. The area is made up of different zones for a total area of approximately 7000 m2. At the entrance you will find a large car park, the area dedicated to parking campers and the Reception.

Inside you will find the small square and the PITSTOP EMILIA bar, where you can have breakfast and taste traditional Emilian dishes, with a view of the Po river.

During the warm months, the PITSTOP EMILIA, with its open-air square, will be the perfect location for your stops. The refreshment point has been created in two large halls of the ancient Civil Engineering building, where today the heat of the stoves and the typical Emilian welcome warm up the atmosphere of the entire structure. The ideal context to spend a few hours relaxing or to enjoy a break on the river Po. The culinary proposal of the PITSTOP EMILIA, with a strong Emilian character, offers traditional and local dishes and recipes. The corner bar of the PITSTOP EMILIA will be a pleasant stop where you can enjoy an aperitif or enjoy a good coffee. For wine lovers, the bar will be the ideal place to discover the true masterpieces of the area.

The halls of the old Civil Engineering building are the brand new multifunctional space of River Passion. Spacious areas for birthdays, events, receptions, meetings, courses, exhibitions and installations and with the possibility of extending the spaces outside, where you can set up your event during the summer. An original and well-kept corner in which to organize an event and surprise your guests by offering them a unique view of the Po river. River Passion with its PITSTOP EMILIA and multifunctional rooms are the ideal location for your birthdays and special events. The bar staff will be able to devise the most suitable gastronomic selection for your occasion with simple and delicious local specialties. The context of absolute uniqueness in which you will be immersed will help make your event even more special.

The adjacent park is another beautiful surprise. Crossed by the VEN.TO cycle path, it is always well cared for and frequented by cyclists and sportsmen of all kinds. It is also equipped with a play area, where children can have fun in total tranquillity, and a fenced area for the dogs to run. The park is a dynamic and constantly evolving place. The grove of elms, the big platano tree with elephant legs, the pasture for's a world to discover for young and old. Even in the park area it is possible to organize events and birthdays. River Passion will be able to respond to every need.

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