River Passion Excursion

River Passion

Excursions on the Po

You will be able to see the scenic beauty of the great river Po right from the water: the variety of fauna species, the suggestive colors of the vegetation, the intact sounds of a little contaminated nature.

We will guide you along the course of the middle Po with river boats, through which you will be able to experience direct contact with the environment that surrounds us.

Our excursions also include the possibility, if the hydrometric conditions allow it, to enter naturalistic oases or to go up the course of the Po's tributaries.

Our guides will explain everything you will encounter along the way and will tell you various curiosities about the people of the river.

If there are children on board, our guide will always be ready to customize or modify the route according to the needs of the group. With our qualified guides you are guaranteed to experience a safe and fun boat excursion.

Navigating the river Po is a stimulating way to stay outdoors and get in touch with nature in an original and carefree way.



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