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  • Excursions on PO river

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River Passion

..by the river Po

The river passion

All our activities take place in the enchanting natural setting of the biggest Italian river.

Based in Boretto (RE) we will move along the river to immerse ourselves in the heart of the local natural landscape that always reserves wonderful surprises.

  • Who we are

    River Passion was born in May 2018 in Boretto (Reggio Emilia), a barycentre of the Po River and the beating heart of the river life, from a founders dream that had already been cultivating for several years. From the desire to be able to convey to the public the passion for the river, that has always distinguished us, to the creation of a real support for slow tourism, that wants to get out of the usual itineraries in search of a different and certainly not banal experience. The deep knowledge of the area mixes to our experience of life on the river, allow us to offer a wide range of services and excursions that will allow you to live a unique experience of its kind.

  • Curiosity

    Combining personal passions with work is the greatest achievement of every man. A large part of our ideas and decisions arise from this concept. Each member of our staff is deeply passionate about the activity he represents and in general he is also a regular visitor of the river and its shores. Someone pedaling, someone browsing, someone fishing, someone walking. Each of our employees is deeply and emotionally relatedthe river life and environment and we believe that this is our best strength, which we want to put at your complete disposal

  • why river Passion

    It could be only this. River Passion: Passion for the river. Everything starts from Po. The silent flow of its stream, the rustling leaves of the poplars, the reflection of the sun that falls and colors all of a thousand shades of red, the marked but smiling face of the river people that tell their stories. Let yourself be carried away!

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